Martial Arts for Ages 8+ (3rd Grade and Up)

Designed for children ages 8 and older, the Solid Belt program incorporates the main elements of Tae Kwon Do, including Self Defense and the exciting sport of Sparring. These 50 minute classes (2-3x per week) do more than just boost confidence and provide skills essential to self defense. They also provide experiences that can last a lifetime.

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Program Information

Two to Three 50 minute class each week

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The Solid Belt program provides foundational Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts instruction with modern applications in the areas of:

  • Self Defense

  • Confidence

  • Fundamental Tae Kwon Do techniques

  • Self Control


We also incorporate the exciting sport of Tae Kwon Do Sparring as part of their core curriculum. While not a requirement, competition in local Tae Kwon Do events can be encouraged later in the student's training.

Students can earn stripes for each element of their curriculum they demonstrate knowledge of. Once a student receives 3 stripes for the elements of instruction, they are invited to attend a Belt Promotion evaluation where they can test for their next rank.

At Sykesville Family Tae Kwon Do, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our Tae Kwon Do program is based on the principals of reward and recognition for determination and indomitable spirit. We believe that belt ranks are earned not given.

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*A note about Testing Fees: We do not charge regular belt testing fees below Black Belt. Black Belt testing fees are to cover the student's registration with Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Federation) and personalized embroidered school Black Belt. The Kukkiwon fee is not determined by Sykesville Family Tae Kwon Do.

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