Karate Classes for Kids, Teens, and Adults

After School Karate

School-Age Students

Let us help you manage the work/life balance by enrolling your school-age child in our special after school sports program. We get them from their school to our studio. We even provide FREE Martial Arts Camps on early dismissal/half days. Serving local Sykesville/Eldersburg area school-age students.


Tiny Tigers

Ages 3 - 4 1/2

Our Tiny Tigers program is designed specifically with the little ones in mind. Studies have shown that Children learn best through play. With this in mind, our program helps build 8 skills core to the foundation of Martial Arts. All while having a little bit of fun!


Little Ninjas

Ages 4 1/2 - 6

The Little Ninjas program continues the cultivation of 8 skills like Concentration, Teamwork, and Focus. These Skills are not only core to our Martial Arts program, but also helpful at home and in school. Our fun and energetic program will definitely keep the students engaged.


Ages 6 - 8

Our Dragons program is a prelude to our Juniors (Solid Belt) Program, introducing students to the more traditional Tae Kwon Do training. Through a fun and engaging system, our Dragons program incorporates character development, fitness, Self-Defense, and traditional elements in Tae Kwon Do training.

Solid Belt

Ages 8+

Designed for children ages 8 and older, the Solid Belt program incorporates the main elements of Tae Kwon Do, including Self Defense and the exciting sport of Sparring. These 50 minute classes (2-3x per week) do more than just boost confidence and provide skills essential to self defense. They also provide experiences that can last a lifetime. 

Adult Classes

We offer adult classes that incorporate our traditional Tae Kwon Do training with a strong and intensive fitness program. These 50 minute classes provide a workout with purpose. Our instructors will help guide you toward your goals while keeping you engaged and improving your health. 


Come experience a different kind of Kickboxing class. Our fun and supportive Kickboxing environment provides individualized attention that helps make you comfortable and supports you in reaching your personal goals. Train at your own pace without any pressure or intimidation. 

Korean Sword

Ages 13+

Learn the ancient way of the Korean Sword through the United World Haedong Kumdo Federation. Complete with uniform, sword, sword case and an entirely new system of belts designed for Haedong Kumdo.

Due to the nature of the sword training, students must be 13 years or older.