In 1990, Sykesville Tae Kwon Do Academy began providing quality Martial Arts instruction to the Sykesville Maryland area. Tae Kwon Do Academy served the Sykesville area for 29 years. During its service, a small tight-knit community was forged. We lovingly called this community our "Tae Kwon Do Family".

With a heavy heart, Sykesville Tae Kwon Do Academy made the difficult decision to close its doors in August of 2018. This left a tremendous void in the Sykesville area. The bonds forged in our Tae Kwon Do Family were strong and deep-rooted. The experienced instructor team was highly motivated to find a way to keep the family together.  This is where the name and concept for our school was born.


Sykesville Family Tae Kwon Do was established in October 2018. Under our Chief Instructor, Mr. Tae Huor, our experienced and certified instructor team carry on the traditions and teachings in the Korean Martial Art, and sport, of Tae Kwon Do. Our incorporation of traditional martial arts teachings with modern applications provides a world-class curriculum for all ages of the family.

We look forward to serving Carroll County for several more decades and hope you choose to train as part of our Tae Kwon Do Family!


Very happy with Sykesville Family TKD. Positive learning environment. Our children thoroughly enjoy the programs.


Martial Arts has definitely helped my son improve upon himself. I have seen his confidence in himself improve, and I see him holding himself accountable for his mistakes. We still have a ways to go, but it's way better than it was. Thank you!


This has been an amazing class for his self-esteem, self-confidence, and independence.